A-G Requirements for College Admissions

A-G requirements are a quideline for what high school students need to take and pass to meet college entrance requirments. It is always advised to check with the college you are interested in ...more

Diploma and Cap


College Systems

There are four major college systems tin California to choose from for attendance (most states have the same systems):

University of California (UC) : Contains mulitiple colleges inside, larger campus, different class sizes, more expensive, may include housing, and is usually expensive.

Cal State University (CSU): Smaller campus, cheaper than a UC, and designed for special majors in mind.

Community College: Affordable, small, campus, 2 year, more 'preparative' learning, many community colleges (usually one in every major city), and learning here makes it easier to transfer to a 4-year college.

Vocational College: This type of college is designed especially for a certain career. Ex. Nursing, beauty, law.

Private College: Tuition and fee dependent, very expensive, and some private schools are often affiliated with religion.