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Who Was Kahoot! Winners 

Third Grade Final Winners
Third grade final winners
Ms. Peverini's class winners
Ms. Peverini's class winners
Mrs. Turien's class winners
Ms. Turien's class winners
Mrs. Wojcik's class winners
Mrs. Wojcik's class winners

Congratulations to our top winners in the third grade, Victoria Chim, Leon Lange and Quinn Araneta, for winning the first round of the Who Was? Kahoot! game.  They outscored their classmates in Kahoot! about historical figures from Who Was? book series.  Congratulations to our classroom winners Teddy Weiss, Leon Lange, Travis Marroquin, Landon Lewis, Wren Tucker, Donovan Mosley, Victoria Chim, Quinn Araneta, and Lonnie Fearance who moved forward to participate in the final round among the class winners.  Each student selected a book from the Who HQ website to keep as a prize.  

The Third Grade classes will compete again in February using Who HQ’s book series Where Is? and What Is?. Stay tuned!     


2021 Paul Kennard LIteracy Grant award winner!

The Long Beach Rotary Club is awarding Tincher Library $1,000 to  promote literacy and diversity using biographies, culture and geography from the Who Was?, Who Is? and Where Is?  book series and the online game Kahoot!. 

Our Third grade students in 2021-2022 will participate in class and grade level competitions about the books using Kahoot!  and the top three winners in each competition will receive a book of their choice from the grant.  The purchase of library books will be available for all students in circulation.  Learn more about the Rotary Club here.  


Girl in bookstore

Bark therapy dogs visit tincher 

BARK Reading Therapy Dogs were special guest readers in the Kinder, First and Second Grade classes this January and February.  The owners read to the students and answered questions about their dog and books.  In the past, BARK visited the Tincher and students were invited to read to the dogs to improve their literacy skills and confidence.  We hope for BARK to return to the schools again.  Find more information about BARK Reading Therapy Dogs here.   

Dog Emma

Dog Lucca
Dog Mike Dog Happy
Dog Falcor Dog Cosby
Dog RosebudDog Napoleon

Literacy Events

Celebrate literacy events to promote reading and libraries around the year!  The American Library Association strives to bring awareness to library events and issues. 

Library Locker
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1/31/16 10:01 PM