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This School Counselor Believes...

All students are unique individuals and deserve to be recognized and respected for their qualities

All students can achieve success when given appropriate and timely support and interventions

All students deserve to be a part of a school community that is culturally compassionate and responsive

The implementation of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program is key to meeting students’ developmental needs and promoting student academic achievement

Data should be used to design, implement, evaluate and continuously improve the school counseling program

Collaboration with families, stakeholders, and community resources is key to meeting the needs of all students.

School Counselors abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards

Meet the Counselor


I am so excited to be a part of Tincher Preparatory School!

As a Counselor and Educator, I feel strongly about instilling a growth mindset in our students, leading with positivity, and finding a healthy balance between rigorous academics and rich social-emotional learning experiences.

Prior to joining the LBUSD school community, my experience includes 12 years in the field of education, a Masters in Counseling, and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Please take a moment to explore all that the Tincher Counseling Program has to offer. You'll find information about resources available to you and your student, and the variety of ways we may work together.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or just want to check-in, I'm available via email or phone at any time. I aim to respond to all communication within two school days.


:) Mrs. Leitner


PHONE: (562) 493-2636 EXT. 226